About Us

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Our Company

Allgauer Consulting, LLC was founded in 2020 to support businesses in developing comprehensive Smartsheet solutions.  We are passionate enthusiasts of Smartsheet and project management who help clients think outside of the box to push the boundaries of what's possible.  Our experience spans across many industries including education, healthcare, human resources, marketing, facilities & real estate, manufacturing, community nonprofits, and more.  

We assist companies in the development of Smartsheet architecture, train end users on how to use the platform, and maintain system infrastructure. While we are a Maryland-based company, we work virtually with clients all over the globe. 

Our Founder

Nick Allgauer has a background in project management that spans various industries including biotech, education, facilities management, and software development.  Nick began using Smartsheet as his preferred project management platform at the early stages of his career.  As the platform began to expand in functionality, Nick became inspired by the infinite use cases that existed and how companies were utilizing it.  Using the power of creativity and innovation, Nick founded Allgauer Consulting to help companies unleash the potential of Smartsheet.  

Nick has an MBA from Loyola University Maryland and is also an Adjunct Professor of Business at the College of Southern Maryland.  Throughout his career, Nick has helped dozens of businesses deploy innovative solutions, templates, and best practices to enhance operational excellence.  

Profile photo of Nick Allgauer, who is founder of Allgauer Consulting, LLC